Our gynaecological services are characterised by advanced and minimally invasive procedures. Technological advancements in gynaecology have focused on increasing the quality of healthcare provided for women. Bay View Private Hospital aims to support this vision, by providing very specialised facilities and care. Effective open surgical procedures such as vaginal and total abdominal hysterectomies are still performed, but advancements in laparoscopic / endoscopic surgery have revolutionised the approach to gynaecologic surgery.

Laparoscopic techniques are used to investigate, diagnose and treat causes of abdominal and pelvic pain, to determine causes of infertility and to evaluate and treat pelvic masses. Ancillary procedures such as adhesiolysis, fulguration of endometriotic implants, cyst aspirations, biopsies and tubal sterilisations are also performed, as well as cauterization of endometriosis and ligation of ectopic pregnancies. Other specialised services include laparoscopic hysterectomies as well as uterine balloon therapy (as an alternative for the treatment of menorrhagia).