Urine incontinence is the involuntary release of urine during normal activity such as exercise, laughing, coughing or if you bend to pick something up. This affects about 15% of women of all ages and is usually caused by childbirth, menopause or neurological conditions. It is caused by pelvis weakness, which results in the urethra not always sealing and leading to uncontrolled urine leaks. The normal position of the urethra can be strengthened by a surgical alternative - called TVT - a very simple procedure which enables patients to resume normal activity within two weeks.

All these procedures are relatively pain-free and cause little discomfort to the patient. Combined with superb care, most procedures (except open surgery) require only a day or two post-operative recovery.




New sophisticated technologies enable the treatment and care of patients with genito-urinary pathology or related abnormalities. Appropriate open surgical techniques for various conditions are often indicated, but pressure to contain the rising costs of healthcare has resulted in more procedures being done on an ambulatory or short-stay basis, a service that can only be offered with the help of highly advanced equipment and skilled specialists, the likes of which are available at Bay View Private Hospital. Diagnostic and endoscopic procedures include: